The prevalent belief about earthquakes in ancient Greece, was that it is the result of gods’ rage, and as such, nothing could resist it. This belief has obviously changed over the years. The ultimate goal behind the development of the seismic design of structures, is the protection of human life.

At that point, it became clear that a super-stiff structure, intending to resist the seismic action, inflates the cost on the one hand, and does not sufficiently protect human life. On the contrary, it was proved that by allowing small oscillations of the structures during an earthquake, leads to more economical solutions and upgrades the safety level at the same time.

Nowadays, the new goals of seismic design are furtherly improved. The limitation of structural damage is additionally intended, apart from the protection of human life. In that regard, buildings designed in accordance with contemporary standards, are safer, cheaper and less vulnerable.

Our long-standing experience in the field of seismic design of structure, as well as, the continuous update on the new scientific discoveries and building standards, have let us develop the right know-how on this complicated problem. The high level of specialization of our qualified engineers, aids us to confront the new challenges for larger, cheaper and safer structures with determination.

The fact that our office has been utilizing cutting edge scientific knowledge for 40 years, provides us the capability of designing our structures with emphasis on innovation and creativity.