Old buildings usually exhibit corrosion due to environmental actions, damage due to past earthquakes or generally reduced structural capacity. In many such situations, intervention and rehabilitation of the load bearing structure is very important or even necessary.

Buildings located near the sea almost always exhibit partial concrete deterioration and revelation of the reinforcing bars. In addition to that, structures built before 1955 and before 1974 in Greece, are particularly vulnerable against earthquakes due to the lack of knowledge, as well as, seismic standards by the time they were designed.

We undertake all types of retrofit and rehabilitation of both reinforced concrete and bearing masonry structures. We collaborate with specialized teams, with long-standing experience, that they undertake two important tasks on our behalf. The assessment of the mechanical properties of the building through appropriate tests on the one hand, and the strengthening of the load bearing structure using cutting edge methods and materials that are commonly used in these situations on the other.

Firstly, depending on the needs of a particular building, we choose the required tests such as specimen extraction but also non-destructive testing techniques like ultra-sounds, Schmidt rebound hammers, pull-out tests, magnetic localization of reinforcement and methods for determining the corrosion potential. Subsequently, we perform a rehabilitation study and we design the required retrofitting interventions that may include: strengthening of cross-sections using jacketing of regular or shot concrete, strengthening of structural elements using high-tech FRP’s (Fiber Reinforced Plastic).