Land is the most important natural resource. At the same time, it constitutes an element that possesses a financial factor, and depending on the corresponding legal framework, it is subjected to property and ownership rights.

The presence of a stable and reliable policy for land management and the insurance of the legal rights, are the basic prerequisites for the development of the real estate market and the realization of substantive and long-term investments that support the economic development of a country.

In collaboration with Real Estate offices, our company undertakes the task of finding appropriate land areas for development and exploitation. We are responsible for the issuance of all relevant permits and we guarantee the feasibility of a particular investment, but also the convenience of our customers and their exemption from any bureaucratic processes.

Among others, our competences are:

  • Land use certificates
  • Characterization of land areas by the forestry
  • Certificates by the different Ephorates of Antiquities
  • Urban planning issues regarding the investment
  • Delineation of streams
  • Delineation of coastal lines and shorelines
  • Issuance of building permits

With our integrated services, we will assist in the realization of your ideas.