• (J1) I. Petromichelakis, C. G. Panagiotopoulos and C. Tsogka

Signal-to-Noise Ratio estimation for Time-Reversal based imaging techniques in bounded domains

(submitted to Wave Motion Journal)


  • (J2) C. G. Panagiotopoulos, I. Petromichelakis and C. Tsogka

Imaging techniques for damage detection and localization in engineering structures (in preparation)

Conference Papers


  • (C1) C. G. Panagiotopoulos, Y. Petromichelakis and C. Tsogka

An imaging technique for application to engineering structures

Submitted abstract: European Congress on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering,

ECCOMAS 2016, Crete Island, Greece (2016)


  • (C2) C. Tsogka, Y. Petromichelakis and C. G. Panagiotopoulos

Inuence of the boundaries in Imaging for damage localization in 1D domains

In: Proceedings of 8th GRACM International Congress on Computational Mechanics, Volos, Greece (2015)


  • (C3) C. G. Panagiotopoulos, Y. Petromichelakis and C. Tsogka

Time Reversal in elastodynamics and applications to Structural Health Monitoring

In: Proceedings of 5th ECCOMAS Thematic Conference on Computational Methods in Structural Dynamics

and Earthquake Engineering, COMPDYN 2015, Crete Island, Greece (2015)


  • (C4) Y. Petromichelakis, S. Saloustros and L. Pela

Seismic assessment of historical masonry construction including uncertainty

In: Proceedings of 9th International Conference on Structural Dynamics, EURODYN 2014, Porto, Portugal